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Registration for the 2024-25 season is now open! 


Download the 2024-2025 Audition Packet for all audition information and FAQs. Packet includes ensemble descriptions, audition requirements, and instructions on how to submit a video audition.

Also, be sure to download the 2024-2025 audition excerpts for your

instrument and ensemble. 

Do not submit audition videos without registering first. When registering you can pick any date and time. You DO NOT have to submit your videos by the selected time.
All videos are due by 11:00pm on Saturday June 1, 2024.

Special Event for 2024-2025

Philharmonia and Symphony  tuition for the 2024-2025 season includes a $150 fee for our trip to Columbus State University. We will be performing with their Columbus State Philharmonic and we will experience masterclasses and tours of the campus.

This is a one-time tuition increase that is only in place for Philharmonia and Symphony. The trip is expected for all students, so please plan accordingly. Our trip will begin February 15, 2025, and we will return February 16, 2025.

This fee includes hotel accommodations, one catered dinner, and our payments for our masterclass clinicians at Columbus State.

Sinfonietta Audition Requirements:

Please submit a video, no more than 2 minutes in length, that accurately represents your current playing level. You may choose short solos, exercises, scales, etc.


*There are no excerpts required to audition for the Sinfonietta*


Auditions due Saturday June 1, 2024 by 11:00 pm

Symphony and Philharmonia Excerpts

*note: the audition requirements for woodwinds and brass  are the different for both ensembles:


Wind Instrument Specifics:

Please read through the packet carefully!!!


Philharmonia Winds: Scales and Solo only

Symphony Winds:  Scales, All Excerpts and Solo

Auditions due Saturday June 1, 2024 by 11:00 pm

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